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Liability for content and links

Greatest possible care was taken in drawing up these web pages. However, TUM International GmbH and InSITE BAVARIA do not accept responsibility for the topicality, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided.
In particular, TUM International GmbH and InSITE BAVARIA cannot guarantee the completeness and accuracy of information obtained via links to third party websites. Content relating to events (text and pictures) is provided by the respective event organisers and is the responsibility of these parties. References in the form of links to content on third party websites are for information purposes only. Responsibility for the content of third party websites lies solely with the provider of this content.

TUM International GmbH and InSITE BAVARIA expressly point out that the content of third party sites does not reflect the views of TUM International GmbH and InSITE BAVARIA. The content of third party websites was reviewed before the links were set up, with particular focus on the reliability of the provider and the legitimacy of the content. However, TUM International GmbH and InSITE BAVARIA have no influence over the current or future organisation of third party websites, the content of which can change at any time. Regular review of these websites without concrete reason is therefore not possible.
Please contact us if you have any complaint about the content of third party websites accessed via links on this website. If the complaint is justified or the content is found to violate the law, the link will be removed immediately.

Data protection

It is generally possible to use our website without entering personal information. If and insofar as personal information (such as names, addresses, or e-mail addresses) is collected on our site, this always takes place on a voluntary basis insofar as possible. Such information will not be disclosed to third parties without your express consent.

Please note that transmission of data via the Internet (e.g., in e-mail communications) may involve security gaps. It is not possible to protect data from third-party access without any such gaps.

We hereby expressly reject any third-party use of contact information published within the scope of our obligation to post a publisher’s statement for purposes of sending advertising and informational materials that have not been expressly solicited. The operators of these sites expressly reserve the right to take legal action in the event of sending of unsolicited advertising information, such as through spamming.

Specific terms of use

Should any special conditions for individual cases of using this website deviate from the ones previously mentioned, a reference will be made at the relevant point. The special terms and conditions will then apply in each individual case. This does not affect the general applicability of the regulations outside the individual case.

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